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Most people don't like to talk about money. We are not most people. 

On each episode we catch up on married life and check in on our money - from big financial goals to weekly grocery bills. We share real numbers, including our budget, and how we spend and save as we raise our two young boys.

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episode 35. Holiday budgeting

On this episode, we get into our holiday budget and our ongoing discussion on how to give gifts (Kelsey is the thoughtful one; Chris is the utilitarian one). We also chat about Chris's new obsession with sewing and Kelsey's search for more free time.

In Tools You Can Use, Kelsey gets into the details of how she prepares for the gift-giving season throughout the year, including strategic use of email and Pinterest.

We also cover a listener question on how to approach money management when you're just getting started in your career. Chris offers a philosophical approach and Kelsey provides some practical tips.

Finally, in One Big Thing, Chris announces his candidacy for an obscure town-level government position and Kelsey freaks out over Alamo Drafthouse!

episode 34. Processing the election

In this episode, we depart from our normal format. We decided, given the gravity and importance of the presidential election, to discuss what the election of Donald Trump meant for us, how we're thinking about it and processing it, and what it is driving us to do now.

They say it's best not to talk politics among friends, but we're throwing that out the window for this episode. We're honest and blunt with our feelings, but we're also respectful. So we hope and believe you'll find what we have to say useful for your own reflections regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum.

episode 33. Selling and sewing

On this episode, we chat about some new ventures in our lives. Kelsey started a small business!! It's called Copper Quail Style and debuted at our local farmers market to great success the very day we recorded this episode. More modestly, Chris has discovered sewing and how amazing it is to learn techniques that are passed down through multiple generations.

In a newest segment, Tools You Can Use, we chat about about one of the best tools there is: asking for help from others.

And in One Big Thing, Chris talks about how exciting it is to find a new source of knowledge that has been sitting in waiting all along, and Kelsey talks about just taking that first step.

episode 32. Tools you can use

In today's episode, we mix things up a bit but keep them familiar as well. We catch up on a number of money-related decisions we considered last episode, but we also delve into a new segment: Tools you can use! We cover tools we love to use for budgeting, health, and productivity.

We also answer a listener question about whether or not to refinance her house. And in One Big Thing, Chris gets vain about his weight and hair, and Kelsey discusses taking on too much.

episode 31. Real-time budgeting

Today's show is a wee different. We've had a number of issues and decisions come up that potentially require us parting with many of our dollars. So, we decided to temporarily forego our standard format and instead record a live Wharton Family Financial Meeting! A fun experiment that could either be super-interesting or way boring. Enjoy!

episode 30. Meta marriage

On this episode, we chat about our great trip to Texas, which included time with family and a wedding, at which Chris was the best man. The event as well as the speech Chris gave prompted us to dig a little deeper into what we've learned about each other and our relationship in 6+ years of marriage. And, of course, we share.

In a quick Our Money segment, we recap our now completed refi (#2 in the past 3 years!), and we share a great listener tip about credit card use among couples.

Finally, in One Big Thing, Chris discusses his 'breakthrough' healthy weight loss plan and Kelsey revels in great relationships.

episode 29. Rapid refi

On today's episode, we talk expensive holes in heads and cracks in foundations. But we also have fun news: it's the HiFi ReFi! That's right, the HiFi House will get its second refinance in two years. Rates have fallen so low that we couldn't not take advantage, and we run through the numbers.

We also discuss the state of Chris's student loans and how that impacts our financial planning. And we talk again about charitable giving and whether we're doing enough or not.

Finally, in One Big Thing, Kelsey talks about the benefits of planning for Christmas all the way out into the summer, and Chris talks about our rapid-fire decision-making.

episode 28. I can't yawn

In this not-yawn-inducing episode, we check in on the status of our marriage (what?) and we talk about our recent guest appearance on Evan and Caitlin's hilarious podcast, The Paper Year.

In Our Money, Kelsey gives an update on our thoughts on an investment property, and Chris and Kelsey discuss whether it's worth it to keep up our Orange Theory Fitness memberships. The key question: does it make the most sense to invest in our health through a structured fitness class, or in some other way?

We also cover a great listener comment/question about what it means to invest in possessions, but those that elicit more happy-making experiences (as opposed to investing in travel for more exotic, unique experiences).

And, in One Big Thing, Kelsey chats about the satisfaction she gets out of professional house cleaning and Chris salivates over all the Harry Potterness happening right now.

episode 27. Living "comfortabl"

Kicking off our second year of podcasting, we chat about Chris's recent travel and Kelsey's subsequent solo parenting. Kelsey also discusses how she is coming to terms with house dissatisfaction, especially after getting some great advice from a blogging friend (whose great blog is called Affirmaison). Chris notes that Kelsey is coming around just in time for our house to start falling apart.

In Money, we recap some of our basic numbers, including earnings, debt, and savings rates and amounts (you can also check out our budget here). We talk over whether it makes sense for Chris to spend some money during his sabbatical to 'invest' in himself. And we give a recap of our 'no-buy' month of July.

We also talk over a great listener question regarding how couples ensure their personal credit card use jives with their couples-based budget.

Finally, in One Big Thing, we consider whether or not we'll purchase some Hillary support swag for the car or the lawn, and Chris discusses the possibility that voluntary simplicity is accidentally sexist.

episode 26. Too awesome for comparison

This episode is brought to you by the number 3, as we have 3 major anniversaries to celebrate...including the one-year anniversary of this very podcast! We also chat about 2 years of a one-car life, and one year of no TV in the house.

In our money, we talk about some financial milestones we recently hit. We also discuss the great opportunity that was Brexit, living paycheck-to-paycheck (not because of spending but because of saving!), and our 'buy-nothing campaign' for the month of July. Kelsey also chats about her "Things I Want" list.

Also, be prepared to enjoy a free-wheeling romp through Chris's ego. As Kelsey discusses her earnest interest in improving our home and how that can sometimes lead to a feeling of comparison with others' homes, Chris hits another gear discussing his perceived awesomeness in response.

Finally, in One Big Thing, Chris goes on his second rant regarding the idea, perpetuated in this article, that nutrition and healthy eating are confusing. The truth is, they aren't. Chris explains.

And Kelsey discusses family memory keeping, her new superpower. She describes how she goes about it and offers some great resources to make your own great memory books.