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Most people don't like to talk about money. We are not most people. 

On each episode we catch up on married life and check in on our money - from big financial goals to weekly grocery bills. We share real numbers, including our budget, and how we spend and save as we raise our two young boys.

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episode 43. Let's talk retirement!

Today's episode is a doozy! After chatting about a phenomenal day date we had (facilitated by College Nannies and Tutors - check them out here and let them know we sent you!) we discuss all things retirement! We got inspired by Kelsey becoming vested in her employer-based retirement account (YES!!), so we run through what it is, how to do it, and how to deal with threats to a good retirement plan. We also chat about 401Ks and pensions, personal savings and passive income, and Social Security. And we run through some ideas on how to strategize for long-term saving, even putting tomorrow's retirement planning in the context of today's crazy politics.

And, in One Big Thing, Kelsey like so many others is missing Richard Simmons, and Chris is lightly contemplating the fundamental structures of American democracy.

Oh, and to play along, check out these great resources. They'll help you think through your own retirement plans:

  • To set up a Social Security account so you can track your own contributions and estimated pay-outs, go here.
  • To check out Vanguard's excellent index funds, which is our main non-employer based long-term savings, visit this site.
  • To learn about 401Ks and 403Bs, here's a quick little explanation.


episode 42. Spherical living

In this episode, we chat about the joys of having no weekend plans, Apple TV, and delicious desserts.

In Money, we offer a snapshot into our bank accounts, giving you all our balances down to the dollar as well as where we're at with our major savings goal (you can see a breakdown of our budget here). And we chat about shrinking our 'sphere of living,' trying to minimize the distance we have to travel to get to the places we need to go day in and day out.

Finally, in One Big Thing, Chris chats about Warren Buffett and his incredible bet with a hedge fund manage proving definitely that passively managed funds are the MAJOR winner against actively managed funds (you can learn more in this Forbes article). And Kelsey talks about how enjoyable it is to let Facebook fade into the background of life.

episode 41. All about food

In this episode, we discuss all things food. We cover how we eat and why, what our meals generally look like, and how it all impacts our grocery bill. And we chat about how we're working to decrease what we spend on food, including items we refuse to purchase and strategies for being more efficient with the food we bring home. We also mention a great 'energy ball' recipe, which you can find over at NeveHomemaker.

In Tools You Can Use, we describe Kelsey's handy grocery shopping list system, which you can learn more about here. And in One Big Thing, we talk about what it's like to shift value from the things we buy to ourselves.

episode 40. Budgeting works, folks!

On this episode, we revisit our favorite topic: budgeting! We talk about our renewed and super-effective focus on cutting frivolous spending down to a wee pile of dollars, and how we've aligned Mint to help us do that.

We also discuss a great set of Tools You Can Use, including Next Door and Facebook groups to find and acquire free stuff. This has been our favorite use of the sharing economy recently as we've gotten everything from storage bins to grapefruit at no cost!

Finally, we answer a listener question about games we like to play. This was exciting for us because we are dice and card game super-nerds. We chat about Qwixx, Settlers of Catan, Yahtzee, Five Crowns, Farkle, Spicy Farkle, and our dark-horse favorite, Lords of Waterdeep.

episode 39. Hustle or be hustled

In today's episode, we discuss our Year of the Hustle. No, we haven't become con men to make more money. Rather, we're hustling our buns off on side gigs and opportunities all in an effort to get closer to our ideal life.

In Our Money, we talk about actually staying within our budget using a 'no spend' philosophy for the month of January. We're also visiting our old friend Mint a lot more to keep us honest.

In Tools You Can Use, we express our undying love for the bicycle as a means to be healthy, be happier, save money, and save the planet.

And we address a listener question about how to be supportive of your partner's need for personal time (which has become ever more essential for us as hustling takes time!).

Finally, in One Big Thing, Kelsey revisits her issue with excessive busy-ness, and Chris offers his philosophical interpretation about how this is OK. Chris revisits his passion for sewing (again).


episode 38. '17 it up

In this first episode of 2017, we talk about our goals for the new year, individually and financially as a family.

We also discuss some new strategies we're employing to help us reign in our spending even further, including a new Tool You Can Use.

Finally, in One Big Thing, Kelsey describes 'going with the new flow,' and Chris feels privileged to have contributed to to a great New Year's Day op ed in the New York Times focused on values-based New Year's resolutions.

episode 37. Getting Financially Naked: 2016

On this final episode of the year, we do what we do best: get financially naked. We give you the full rundown of all our numbers including what we earned, what we saved, and what we spent. We also get into some specifics, going spending category by spending category and comparing to how we did last year.

We end the episode reviewing our Three Big Things, the major life-and-money-related events that shaped 2016 for us personally.

Have a great holiday season and New Year everyone, and we'll see you in 2017!!

episode 36. There are no Joneses

On this episode, we discuss our love of the holidays even as we've had to drop serious cash this December on gifts, repairs, and tires.

And in a new segment called Article Club, we cover a great piece from the NY Times by Ron Lieber addressing the fundamental question: how much is enough? Deep insights ensue, including the notion that the Joneses, with whom so many are trying to keep up, don't actually exist.

Finally, in One Big Thing, Chris is excited about being featured in a great Pacific Standard Magazine article by James McWilliams called "The Ministers of Minimalism and the Allure of Owning Absolutely Nothing." And Kelsey reflects on the joy of reflecting.

episode 35. Holiday budgeting

On this episode, we get into our holiday budget and our ongoing discussion on how to give gifts (Kelsey is the thoughtful one; Chris is the utilitarian one). We also chat about Chris's new obsession with sewing and Kelsey's search for more free time.

In Tools You Can Use, Kelsey gets into the details of how she prepares for the gift-giving season throughout the year, including strategic use of email and Pinterest.

We also cover a listener question on how to approach money management when you're just getting started in your career. Chris offers a philosophical approach and Kelsey provides some practical tips.

Finally, in One Big Thing, Chris announces his candidacy for an obscure town-level government position and Kelsey freaks out over Alamo Drafthouse!

episode 34. Processing the election

In this episode, we depart from our normal format. We decided, given the gravity and importance of the presidential election, to discuss what the election of Donald Trump meant for us, how we're thinking about it and processing it, and what it is driving us to do now.

They say it's best not to talk politics among friends, but we're throwing that out the window for this episode. We're honest and blunt with our feelings, but we're also respectful. So we hope and believe you'll find what we have to say useful for your own reflections regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum.