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episode 2. Let's explore the w-4!

Sleep (or lack thereof) is still a main topic of discussion in our household. We're trying a toddler alarm clock and have high hopes. And Chris is rocking the heating pad while podcasting after he hurt his back. In other life news, we've ditched our television and so far it's going great.

And then we move on to even more riveting topics: your w-4 and taxes! Chris wrote more extensively about this on his blog - check it out! We also answer a question about how much you should be spending on groceries and share whether our grocery bill stresses us out. 

We know our w-4 discussion will only apply to U.S. listeners - if you live in another country do you deal with something similar?

episode 1. Work in the summah

We give a run down of our current life and financial situation. It includes two young boys who don't sleep very much and two full time working parents. Chris is a professor who sometimes works in the "summah", Kelsey is a science writer.

We talk about our big financial goal of paying off the house in five years and offer advice on how to split expenses with your partner when your salaries are very different.

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