episode 4. Beatboxing a budget
episode 6. One big thong

episode 5: When husbands hack your accounts

We went on a coffee date! We also recap Chris's birthday celebrations, which did not include Kelsey's present since apparently she didn't actually place the order. But when it does arrive, it'll be the best boxers ever (which have earned the Dr. Wharton seal of approval). The cardamom cake was awesome; we highly recommend it (we made it without the strawberry filling).

In money talk we're keeping an eye on our cash flow now that our daycare bill is being debited weekly. And instead of spending $600 on a new iPhone, Kelsey spent $0 and got her phone camera cleaned (at BatteriesPlus), woo hoo!

We answer a listener question about how we're saving for retirement. Chris shares his method for retirement planning which includes projecting our income and cost of living during post-working years. Chris's method includes:

+ Estimating monthly income from retirement accounts + Social Security. We used calculators available on the websites of our retirement accounts and activated an account with the Social Security Administration, which provides benefits estimates based on your earnings.

+ Estimating monthly cost of living in retirement. We based this on our current expenses (minus our mortgage and daycare expenses since we will not have these in retirement) and accounted for inflation at 3% annually.

+ Comparing monthly retirement income versus monthly cost of living in retirement. We're looking OK but the cost of putting two kids through college will be a factor in how early we can retire.

In One Big Thing Kelsey is thinking a lot about bacteria and dietary fiber after reading Gut and The Good Gut. Chris is thinking about the power of social networks, both good and bad.