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October 2015

episode 7. Awkwardly slurping tea

It's cool enough to sip tea but it's throwing Chris off his podcast game. We talk about Chris's recent trip to Austin, Kelsey's weekend managing the tots (which included an update to our gallery wall, below) and the spa vacation that Kelsey deserves in the near future.

Matrimoney podcast

We combine our money talk and listener questions and start off with a clarification on our strategy for paying off our mortgage early. Our strategy is this: each month we put $1,000 or more into a Vanguard index fund. We plan to continue to save money into this account and then pay off our mortgage with this money in one fell swoop in about five years. We are doing this instead of making extra mortgage payments each month because we expect the money in our index fund to earn better interest than our mortgage interest rate (4%). 

We also answer a listener question about saving and budgeting for spending around holidays and for gifts. This is something we have been working on and we've had disagreements about it! We now budget about $100 per month or $1,200 per year for birthday gifts, Christmas and holidays. We don't find that we spend much on holiday decor each year so this budget really goes to gifts and Christmas gifts. 

In One Big Thing, Chris is loving Mugglecast and is looking forward to speaking along side Peter Singer. Kelsey is loving the slightly cooler weather.

We are loving your emails and questions, keep them coming!

episode 6. One big thong

A recent weekend trip to the mountains was a perfect getaway and included taking our boys to a bar and a magical drive home. In sleeping news our toddler is now sleeping past 5 AM - what is happening?! All the hoorays. Also, Chris is pondering eliminating all coffee from his life and might want Kelsey to join him. None of the hoorays.

We check in on our money, which is under control and humming along. To try to save money Kelsey tried out getting a cheap haircut and we ponder the possibility of traveling to New Zealand during Chris's sabbatical next year.

A listener wrote in with a great question about whether earning potential influenced our career choices. So we take a quick stroll down memory lane to tell the stories of how we each came to have the jobs we do. In short, we each did think that by earning advanced degrees we would position ourselves to eventually have good jobs and hopefully good pay but we chose fields of study and jobs that truly interested us without much thought to the financial ramifications.

Chris tried to rename One Big Thing to something much different and has toddlertopia on the brain; Kelsey is excited for her mom to visit!

Thanks so much for listening!