episode 9. Advice to our younger selves
episode 11. Rethinking paying off the mortgage

episode 10. The joy of having less stuff

This episode brought to you by cough drops and sick days from work, ugh. But even when we're sick we love to talk personal finances.

In our money, Christmas spending is upon us! We have budgeted $500 for Christmas including gifts, Christmas cards and a Christmas tree. We're already $120 in, we hope we can stick to it! We also wax on our love of living with less stuff which has been life-changing for us.

Several listeners have asked about saving to help your kid's pay for college so we share our strategy. We have 529 accounts set up for each child (we chose the Arizona plans but as a U.S. resident you can choose any state's plan, it does not restrict the schools where the money can be used). We chose the 529 because of the tax advantages (we an write off our contributions and withdrawals from the accounts for qualifying educational expenses do not incur a tax) and because it is easy for relatives to contribute, if they are so inclined. We are not contributing much to college savings at this time because we are saving up to pay off our mortgage. But once we save up and pay off our mortgage we will turn our attention to saving for college.