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episode 9. Advice to our younger selves

episode 8. How love is like the stock market

Happy November, friends! We are excited to share a new feature of the show. We invited interested listeners to submit some information along with money-related questions. We plan to occasionally feature listener profiles and share our advice for these listeners on the show. So if you're interested please use this form to submit your info. Thanks!

In this episode we discuss the very sad state of sleep in our household. But at least life hasn't been too busy lately and we have a super fun date night to look forward to: Book of Mormon with friends!

In money talk we give an update on our progress towards saving up to pay off our mortgage. We're at $17,300 and hope to make $20,000 by the end of the year. And just a reminder, we are investing that savings in a Vanguard total stock market index fund. The specific fund is VTSAX, which has a $10,000 minimum. A similar, alternative account with no minimum is VTSMX.

We answer a listener question about our process for deciding to have two working parents. Of course, this is not a financial decision alone and each family situation is unique. But here's a summary of what went into our decision: the fulfillment of our jobs was a big factor along with financial benefits in the short-term and long-term, and living near/being after to afford excellent childcare. Currently we pay about $2,000/month for childcare for two young children and Kelsey takes home $2,800. Because Chris has always earned more and been in a tenure-track or tenured university position we never considered a situation in which Chris would leave his job and stay home full-time. At face value that may seem like it does not make financial sense for Kelsey to be working but there are other financial benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance and a great retirement match (Kelsey and her employer both contribute 7% to her retirement account). 

And in one big thing, how love is like the stock market: when things are tough is the best time to invest.