episode 12. The Year of Me
episode 14. Determined Orange

episode 13. My hair is perfect

In this episode, Kelsey and Chris rejoice in the greatest holiday gift of all: two boys sleeping through the night to start 2016. We also review our amazing Christmas trip to Austin, Chris's out-of-character-but-not-really gift-shopping spree, and how our gifts to each other turned out to be great additions to our lifestyle.

Chris also reveals a bit of hair-related vanity, sending us down memory lane to one of our first dates at a quirky concert by Zack Weisinger (opening for Chris's guitar hero, Steve Vai). Kelsey mentions some great listener stories about couples creating budgets and setting great financial goals for 2016. And we resolve the cliffhanger: did we make our savings goal of $20,000 for 2015??

A listener question on life insurance has us discussing our insurance plans, including the monthly cost they incur as well as the 'real' cost over their 30-year term. Finally, we discuss our 'one big thing.' Chris makes a common enemy of common enemies, and Kelsey talks about getting even more productive time out of the day...at 4am in the morning.