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February 2016

episode 16. Kick ass for your values

In this episode, Kelsey and Chris discuss - guess what - toddlers who do not sleep well! And so, once again, we crowd-source our parenting and hope for further tips from our listeners on just what the hell to do.

In life these days, Kelsey is obsessed with habits, which makes sense as she is a creature of them. And she's reading a really thought-provoking book on personality traits that might lend themselves (or not) to habit formation. The book, Better than Before, is by Gretchen Ruben, and includes a personality test you can take yourselves! Follow this link to do so. Turns out Kelsey is an Upholder, and Chris is...confused.

In money, we chat about our experiments with Capital One online accounts. And, we offer our first featured listener review!! Our first brave soul is a hard-working woman in NYC who is trying to balance spending in the big city, work demands, and some important savings goals. 

Lastly, Kelsey and Chris discuss their one big thing. For Kelsey, it's her Zen Desk. And for Chris, it's actually one big question for our listeners!

episode 15. Dragons down the street

On this episode, Kelsey and Chris rationalize hiring a service to clean the house once per month. We chat about Kelsey's raise and our tax return (yes, we've filed and received our return because we're a wee bit crazy) and what we decided to do with that money. And, we talk about our 2016 financial summit, our financial outlook for the year, the big expenses coming up and how we're balancing that with our aggressive savings goals.

We also discuss a great listener question about whether to increase voluntary contributions to a 401K or to spend extra money on paying down a car loan or mortgage.

Finally, in One Big Thing, Kelsey talks exercise and Chris suggests you should begin before you're ready.