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episode 18. Marriage tips

In this episode, we chat about potty training philosophy and how exciting it is to get a kid into underwear for the first time! We also discuss some of our favorite marriage tips for keeping our relationship healthy while pursuing our careers (and our children...usually down the street). It's all about strategic planning, and maybe even having a written document describing what an ideal life would look like.

In money, Kelsey has been working to track expenses after realizing that entertainment dollars were flowing a bit too freely in recent months. Chris obsessed for a week over whether to take advantage of rising home prices by selling the house and renting. One of Kelsey's thoughtful friends offered some great advice. One of Chris's internet pretend friends also offered some good advice. The question remains unresolved.

We also address a couple of listener questions. One listener asked about ethical investing, whether we try to do this, and how one might go about it if one was interested. Kelsey recommends a strategy based on Peter Singer's interesting book, The Most Good You Can Do. Another listener asked about the mechanics of our day-to-day budgeting. We discuss.

Finally, in One Big Thing, Kelsey describes how rich she actually is (in friends). Chris talks about one of his favorite life-advice web pages on the internets. Ooh, and check out this great story if you're wondering how index funds stack up to other options.

episode 17. Monumentous

In our most recent episode, we discuss just how low we can go in our various accounts (hair-raisingly low, it turns out, which is inevitable when you budget down to the dollar!). Chris regales with the story of his most recent illness...the actual friggin' flu.

In money, Kelsey talks about her socialization habit and how to control its associated expenses (it's all about accountability, and we keep ourselves on the straight and narrow with Chris covers the importance of dispassionate investing, in particular avoiding the urge to try to 'time the market.'

And, we cover another featured listener. This great case study is a lovely family from Vermont working to control expenses, pay down debt, and launch a personal business. Some great goals here!

Finally, in One Big Thing, Kelsey revels in normalcy while Chris chats about his favorite life philosophy: healthy defaults.