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May 2016

episode 23. The truth about fighting

In this episode, we have an agreeable conversation about disagreements. We talk about our latest desperate attempt to improve our toddlers' sleeping behaviors, and we officially unveil our freshly painted house's name along with the phrase to be painted on our back wall.

In money, we discuss the extremely foolish cost of outsourcing jobs we can probably do ourselves. We lament.

We also cover a great listener question about how to budget and save with consistency despite having variable month-to-month income.

Finally, in One Big Thing, Chris discusses the financial power and satisfaction of 'insourcing' (see also: lamentations above) and Kelsey talks morning dates!

episode 22. Peanut butter cup rift

In episode 22, we fail to resolve the deepening marital issue of if and how we share chocolaty desserts, and the salty-sweet center of our discontent is revealed. (It even oozes into our outtakes.)

In money, Chris updates our progress on our savings goal, which is looking good so far despite having MAJOR travel expenses hit in the past two months. Kelsey describes her philosophy on saving 'til it hurts, and we chat about how to handle the pain.

We also discuss a great listener question on how to teach kids about money. It's not something we've thought about before, so it was fun to run through potential strategies on how to go about it. We'd love to hear your ideas, too!

Finally, in One Big Thing, Chris again fails to avoid grand theorizing and attempts to articulate his ideas on 'facilitative synergistic behavioral complexes' (or, how to do healthy stuff better). Kelsey chats about getting ready to go full-on capsule wardrobe, and Chris loves it.

episode 21. Rocking that work/life balance

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While chatting about all the busyness of life lately we coin the phrase "April crazy brings May awesome." We think it's really going to catch on. 

In money we're dipping our toes into researching an investment property near downtown Gilbert (something between $60,000 - $120,000). Also, we have the heart eyes for Gilbert, we've come a long way!

In One Big Thing, Chris reflects on a recent Atlantic article about consumer American culture and ultimately says f-you to the American Dream - controversy! Kelsey is thinking about solo parenting but is feeling better after reaching out to mom friends and also recommends The Mom Hour podcast episode on traveling spouses.