episode 23. The truth about fighting
episode 25. Breaking up with Facebook

episode 24. Kicking off summer

In this episode, we chat about sleep training our toddlers, capsulizing our wardrobes, and traveling to national parks. We also discuss a great article sent to us by Natanya on how to achieve more sustainable happiness via smaller, frequent pleasures rather than larger infrequent extravagances. (Kelsey writes a lot about this idea in her 'Things that are awesome' series on her blog.)

And, we discuss how great it is to really feel like we're truly into the slowed pace of summer, which we celebrated with an awesome kabob recipe the other night!

In money, we revisit our one-car lifestyle and the potential need to start building savings for a replacement once our trusty Prius kicks the hybrid bucket (it's now at 150,000 miles, which somehow feels worrisome despite having almost no issues with the car up 'til now).

In One Big Thing, Kelsey mentions how easy it is to get caught up in life's little frustrations, but opportunities to step back and see the whole picture easily put the greatness of life into perspective. Chris discusses something similar: how 'globalizing,' or amplifying an isolated issue to something much larger can too easily make life feel like it's all falling apart, when really things are just fine.