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July 2016

episode 27. Living "comfortabl"

Kicking off our second year of podcasting, we chat about Chris's recent travel and Kelsey's subsequent solo parenting. Kelsey also discusses how she is coming to terms with house dissatisfaction, especially after getting some great advice from a blogging friend (whose great blog is called Affirmaison). Chris notes that Kelsey is coming around just in time for our house to start falling apart.

In Money, we recap some of our basic numbers, including earnings, debt, and savings rates and amounts (you can also check out our budget here). We talk over whether it makes sense for Chris to spend some money during his sabbatical to 'invest' in himself. And we give a recap of our 'no-buy' month of July.

We also talk over a great listener question regarding how couples ensure their personal credit card use jives with their couples-based budget.

Finally, in One Big Thing, we consider whether or not we'll purchase some Hillary support swag for the car or the lawn, and Chris discusses the possibility that voluntary simplicity is accidentally sexist.

episode 26. Too awesome for comparison

This episode is brought to you by the number 3, as we have 3 major anniversaries to celebrate...including the one-year anniversary of this very podcast! We also chat about 2 years of a one-car life, and one year of no TV in the house.

In our money, we talk about some financial milestones we recently hit. We also discuss the great opportunity that was Brexit, living paycheck-to-paycheck (not because of spending but because of saving!), and our 'buy-nothing campaign' for the month of July. Kelsey also chats about her "Things I Want" list.

Also, be prepared to enjoy a free-wheeling romp through Chris's ego. As Kelsey discusses her earnest interest in improving our home and how that can sometimes lead to a feeling of comparison with others' homes, Chris hits another gear discussing his perceived awesomeness in response.

Finally, in One Big Thing, Chris goes on his second rant regarding the idea, perpetuated in this article, that nutrition and healthy eating are confusing. The truth is, they aren't. Chris explains.

And Kelsey discusses family memory keeping, her new superpower. She describes how she goes about it and offers some great resources to make your own great memory books.