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episode 29. Rapid refi

On today's episode, we talk expensive holes in heads and cracks in foundations. But we also have fun news: it's the HiFi ReFi! That's right, the HiFi House will get its second refinance in two years. Rates have fallen so low that we couldn't not take advantage, and we run through the numbers.

We also discuss the state of Chris's student loans and how that impacts our financial planning. And we talk again about charitable giving and whether we're doing enough or not.

Finally, in One Big Thing, Kelsey talks about the benefits of planning for Christmas all the way out into the summer, and Chris talks about our rapid-fire decision-making.

episode 28. I can't yawn

In this not-yawn-inducing episode, we check in on the status of our marriage (what?) and we talk about our recent guest appearance on Evan and Caitlin's hilarious podcast, The Paper Year.

In Our Money, Kelsey gives an update on our thoughts on an investment property, and Chris and Kelsey discuss whether it's worth it to keep up our Orange Theory Fitness memberships. The key question: does it make the most sense to invest in our health through a structured fitness class, or in some other way?

We also cover a great listener comment/question about what it means to invest in possessions, but those that elicit more happy-making experiences (as opposed to investing in travel for more exotic, unique experiences).

And, in One Big Thing, Kelsey chats about the satisfaction she gets out of professional house cleaning and Chris salivates over all the Harry Potterness happening right now.