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October 2016

episode 32. Tools you can use

In today's episode, we mix things up a bit but keep them familiar as well. We catch up on a number of money-related decisions we considered last episode, but we also delve into a new segment: Tools you can use! We cover tools we love to use for budgeting, health, and productivity.

We also answer a listener question about whether or not to refinance her house. And in One Big Thing, Chris gets vain about his weight and hair, and Kelsey discusses taking on too much.

episode 31. Real-time budgeting

Today's show is a wee different. We've had a number of issues and decisions come up that potentially require us parting with many of our dollars. So, we decided to temporarily forego our standard format and instead record a live Wharton Family Financial Meeting! A fun experiment that could either be super-interesting or way boring. Enjoy!