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January 2017

episode 39. Hustle or be hustled

In today's episode, we discuss our Year of the Hustle. No, we haven't become con men to make more money. Rather, we're hustling our buns off on side gigs and opportunities all in an effort to get closer to our ideal life.

In Our Money, we talk about actually staying within our budget using a 'no spend' philosophy for the month of January. We're also visiting our old friend Mint a lot more to keep us honest.

In Tools You Can Use, we express our undying love for the bicycle as a means to be healthy, be happier, save money, and save the planet.

And we address a listener question about how to be supportive of your partner's need for personal time (which has become ever more essential for us as hustling takes time!).

Finally, in One Big Thing, Kelsey revisits her issue with excessive busy-ness, and Chris offers his philosophical interpretation about how this is OK. Chris revisits his passion for sewing (again).


episode 38. '17 it up

In this first episode of 2017, we talk about our goals for the new year, individually and financially as a family.

We also discuss some new strategies we're employing to help us reign in our spending even further, including a new Tool You Can Use.

Finally, in One Big Thing, Kelsey describes 'going with the new flow,' and Chris feels privileged to have contributed to to a great New Year's Day op ed in the New York Times focused on values-based New Year's resolutions.