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February 2017

episode 41. All about food

In this episode, we discuss all things food. We cover how we eat and why, what our meals generally look like, and how it all impacts our grocery bill. And we chat about how we're working to decrease what we spend on food, including items we refuse to purchase and strategies for being more efficient with the food we bring home. We also mention a great 'energy ball' recipe, which you can find over at NeveHomemaker.

In Tools You Can Use, we describe Kelsey's handy grocery shopping list system, which you can learn more about here. And in One Big Thing, we talk about what it's like to shift value from the things we buy to ourselves.

episode 40. Budgeting works, folks!

On this episode, we revisit our favorite topic: budgeting! We talk about our renewed and super-effective focus on cutting frivolous spending down to a wee pile of dollars, and how we've aligned Mint to help us do that.

We also discuss a great set of Tools You Can Use, including Next Door and Facebook groups to find and acquire free stuff. This has been our favorite use of the sharing economy recently as we've gotten everything from storage bins to grapefruit at no cost!

Finally, we answer a listener question about games we like to play. This was exciting for us because we are dice and card game super-nerds. We chat about Qwixx, Settlers of Catan, Yahtzee, Five Crowns, Farkle, Spicy Farkle, and our dark-horse favorite, Lords of Waterdeep.