episode 41. All about food
episode 43. Let's talk retirement!

episode 42. Spherical living

In this episode, we chat about the joys of having no weekend plans, Apple TV, and delicious desserts.

In Money, we offer a snapshot into our bank accounts, giving you all our balances down to the dollar as well as where we're at with our major savings goal (you can see a breakdown of our budget here). And we chat about shrinking our 'sphere of living,' trying to minimize the distance we have to travel to get to the places we need to go day in and day out.

Finally, in One Big Thing, Chris chats about Warren Buffett and his incredible bet with a hedge fund manage proving definitely that passively managed funds are the MAJOR winner against actively managed funds (you can learn more in this Forbes article). And Kelsey talks about how enjoyable it is to let Facebook fade into the background of life.