episode 44. Much ado about health
episode 46. One crazy summer

episode 45. Summer simplicity

In this somewhat belated episode, we talk about simplifying, saving money, hitting our healthy stride, and sewing. We also drop some important news. Are you ready dear listeners? OK...

We'll be taking a summer break to refocus, retool the show, and come back this fall with a new and improved Matrimoney!

So, this will be our last episode for a few months, but keep up with us on Instagram as well as our blogs and you'll be in the know when new episodes start coming out again.

Now back to your regularly scheduled show notes:

In Life, Chris describes his harrowing run-in with a bald eagle (no shit). And in Money, we talk about how we've done with budget categories we have a hard time containing (entertainment...argh) and those we are killing it on (groceries, yeah!). We also talk about ways we'll be looking to save even more money through the summer.

Finally, in One Big Thing, Kelsey talks about finding her healthy groove, and Chris talks about one of his new ventures, writing for a brand new, multicultural, online sewing magazine called Sew Sew Def! You can find out more here.

Enjoy the summer everyone. Feel free to continue to hit us up with questions via email; we're not going very far. :)