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episode 48. The high five of endurance

This episode is all about the little things. We start off with a Status Update, in which Chris describes giving up caffeinated beverages completely (WHAT.), and Kelsey gets prematurely excited about all things winter (it's still 104 degrees here guys). In Home Economics, we talk through the many small ways we've cut costs, created efficiencies, and otherwise streamlined, in-sourced, and life-hacked our way to a happier, simpler life. Finally, we talk through a listener question on 'buffer amounts' in checking accounts, and we share our lovely Love Notes. Kelsey mentions our first true - but giggly - work meeting. And Chris reveals the High Five of Endurance.

If you want to learn more about our tips and tricks for cutting costs, we've detailed most of it on our blogs. Here are a few relevant posts:

Going paperless in the kitchen

Going paperless in the...ahem...bathroom

Cutting your and your kids' hair

Creating a capsule wardrobe for women

Creating a capsule wardrobe for men

Reducing the number of cars you drive

Saving money with packed lunches

...and lost of other great posts on living a voluntarily simplistic lifestyle!

episode 47. Feel the burn

On this episode, we share a bit of good financial news after a run of unlikely and unexpected expenses. Chris talks middle-age heartburn and Kelsey chats about books she's been devouring recently (including Fangirl and Carry On, which Chris also loved).

In Home Economics, we discuss our late-to-the-party conversion to Costco shopping. And we describe just how much we nerded out determining which Costco items would save us money compared to Trader Joes (hint: it was quite a lot).

Finally, in Tools You Can Use, we go back to the basics and walk through our budget as well as our use of in helping us spend based on our values while keeping us honest in terms of our spending. And in Love Notes, Chris appreciates Kelsey's listening skills while Kelsey's loving the shared commute (during which she's done much of her listening).