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episode 55. Sunnyside up (we're going solar!)

In this episode, we discuss our first big financial decisions of 2018 in depth: going solar at the HiFi House! We describe the financials, how the system works, and how and why we made the decision we did (and boy was there a lot to think about!). In order to make the decision, we had to consider the following:

We also address a GREAT listener question about balancing a longer commute with other life priorities. As we chat through the question, we recall our episode on our spherical living and what it means to either shrink the distance you have to get to places or extend that distance to reach things that are important to you.

Finally, in Love Notes, Chris compliments Kelsey on not letting his mindset age too fast, and Kelsey appreciates Chris forging ahead on solar when she might not have done it otherwise.

We'd love to hear what you think about commuting, solar energy options, and anything else you want to share! And you can Kelsey on Instagram at @kelswharton and Chris at @practicallyawesomechris.

episode 54. A home supplies deep dive

On this sexy episode, we take a scintillating look at...home supplies. And yes, this is how we spent our Friday night. But it was worth it; this perplexing category sometimes captures hundreds of dollars of our monthly dollars and we had yet to figure out just exactly what the hell was going on. So, we dive in and figure it out, as well as work through some solutions to reign in this soul-sucking, money-eating category of spending.

In updates, we chat about unfun stuff, like the busy-ness of life, as well as fun-fun stuff, like exploring the possibility of finally adding solar to our home! And in Tools You Can (Not) Use, we discuss the financial leakiness represented by online purchases through the Amazon Prime membership.

Finally, in Love Notes, Chris appreciates a recent career boost to due to Kelsey's handiwork (she helped craft a TED-style talk that encapsulates all of Chris's thinking and research on simple living and what that means for health, wealth, happiness, and sustainability), and Kelsey has been loving '90's Trivial Pursuit nights with Chris.