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episode 61. Wrapping it up

Listeners, we're sorry to say this is our last episode (for now). We haven't been able to provide consistent podcast updates and we hate to keep people waiting! So, we're going to put Matrimoney up on blocks, at least for the time being. We hope to check back in every so often, and maybe if we can figure our scheduling out, we'll come back to this project with renewed consistency. But for now, we want to thank you for your incredible support, great questions and enjoyable conversations. We appreciate it!

As for the episode, we chat about our 2018 finances, offering a wrap-up of what we saved (not much) and spent (quite a lot), and how it compared to 2017 (not bad). And we talk a bit about what we plan to do in the coming year.

In this episode, we mention:

  • The Girl Next Door podcast episode on Love Languages, which has already come out!
  • The possibility of offering Matrimoney updates in a new format, Instagram Stories. We'll see if and how that rolls out, but you can find Kelsey here and Chris here.

Thanks again, everyone, and remember to love your honey, not your money!