episode 56. I quit!

On this episode,we delve into just one topic: Kelsey. Quitting. Her. Job! We describe how we came to this decision, what it means for the family, and how we planned our finances in order to make it work. Kelsey also talks about how she is planning to use her time, what opportunities it affords and what is scary about such a big life transition.

In non-job news, Chris also gives an update on our solar panel system and how it's shaping up financially and ecologically.

Finally, in Love Notes, Kelsey talks about the fun 'Turning the Page' party we held to celebrate her change in work situation (and thanks to Uprooted Kitchen for hosting us!), and Chris thanks Kelsey for helping us ease into such a major transition.

episode 50. Happy-making

Holy cow has it been some time since we last posted an episode. Sincere apologies all around; life and a bad back have slowed us down. But we're back with episode 50, in which we spend a bunch of time discussing the all-important question of how to make, and sustain, happiness. We run through a great list of ideas and consider their implications. We also catch you up on our finances, Chris's purchase of a new iPhone using drug money (I kid...there's no need to alert law enforcement), and other fun things. Finally, in Love Notes, we show some gratitude for all the little ways we've been keeping each other afloat in busy times.

episode 46. One crazy summer

We're back, and we missed you dear listeners! In our first episode of season 2, we catch you up on the heckuva summer we experienced...the good and the bad. In our new Home Economics segment, Chris talks about his new job and how we decided, together, to take it. We also talk about the crazy expenses that came up for us and how we handled them.

In Article Club, we discuss a great piece from the Boston Globe on recent research related to clutter and stress. Reserachers from UCLA followed 32 middle class families and documented all the ways stuff gets in the way of life.

And, in Love Notes, Kelsey talks about how much she appreciates the time Chris gives her to get away from the madness of a household of 2 (+1) boisterous boys. And Chris talks about how appreciative he is that the philosophy of less is a shared and cherished one at the HiFi House.

episode 33. Selling and sewing

On this episode, we chat about some new ventures in our lives. Kelsey started a small business!! It's called Copper Quail Style and debuted at our local farmers market to great success the very day we recorded this episode. More modestly, Chris has discovered sewing and how amazing it is to learn techniques that are passed down through multiple generations.

In a newest segment, Tools You Can Use, we chat about about one of the best tools there is: asking for help from others.

And in One Big Thing, Chris talks about how exciting it is to find a new source of knowledge that has been sitting in waiting all along, and Kelsey talks about just taking that first step.

episode 24. Kicking off summer

In this episode, we chat about sleep training our toddlers, capsulizing our wardrobes, and traveling to national parks. We also discuss a great article sent to us by Natanya on how to achieve more sustainable happiness via smaller, frequent pleasures rather than larger infrequent extravagances. (Kelsey writes a lot about this idea in her 'Things that are awesome' series on her blog.)

And, we discuss how great it is to really feel like we're truly into the slowed pace of summer, which we celebrated with an awesome kabob recipe the other night!

In money, we revisit our one-car lifestyle and the potential need to start building savings for a replacement once our trusty Prius kicks the hybrid bucket (it's now at 150,000 miles, which somehow feels worrisome despite having almost no issues with the car up 'til now).

In One Big Thing, Kelsey mentions how easy it is to get caught up in life's little frustrations, but opportunities to step back and see the whole picture easily put the greatness of life into perspective. Chris discusses something similar: how 'globalizing,' or amplifying an isolated issue to something much larger can too easily make life feel like it's all falling apart, when really things are just fine.

episode 23. The truth about fighting

In this episode, we have an agreeable conversation about disagreements. We talk about our latest desperate attempt to improve our toddlers' sleeping behaviors, and we officially unveil our freshly painted house's name along with the phrase to be painted on our back wall.

In money, we discuss the extremely foolish cost of outsourcing jobs we can probably do ourselves. We lament.

We also cover a great listener question about how to budget and save with consistency despite having variable month-to-month income.

Finally, in One Big Thing, Chris discusses the financial power and satisfaction of 'insourcing' (see also: lamentations above) and Kelsey talks morning dates!

episode 21. Rocking that work/life balance

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While chatting about all the busyness of life lately we coin the phrase "April crazy brings May awesome." We think it's really going to catch on. 

In money we're dipping our toes into researching an investment property near downtown Gilbert (something between $60,000 - $120,000). Also, we have the heart eyes for Gilbert, we've come a long way!

In One Big Thing, Chris reflects on a recent Atlantic article about consumer American culture and ultimately says f-you to the American Dream - controversy! Kelsey is thinking about solo parenting but is feeling better after reaching out to mom friends and also recommends The Mom Hour podcast episode on traveling spouses.

episode 19. February brewery

In this tongue-twisting episode, we discuss our love of Home Away and Air BnB for frugal, yet higher-quality traveling. We also chat about our upcoming anniversary and Chris's penchant for indiscriminate, non-special day-adhering gift-giving (which Kelsey doesn't mind since she's got a sweet new Letterfolk letterboard hanging in our kitchen for future Mother's Day).

Chris beseeches you, dear listener, for advice on his ailing knee. And Kelsey teases a fun game from Feisty Harriet's blog about how we'd spend various amounts of money if we had to. The question: if you had to spend the money (i.e., you're not allowed to save it), how would you spend $100, $1,000, $10,000, $100,000, or $1,000,000? We'd love to hear your answers to this question, so leave them below in the comments section or shoot us an email!

In Money, we discuss Chris's sage financial advice (lifted brazenly from the internet...and his elders). We also feature another great listener profile. This time, we have a couple living in Nashville, TN, who are near and dear to our hearts. We cover questions about how to partition saving for various short- and long-term goals as well as the benefits and detriments of paying a mortgage down more quickly than their loan requires.

And, in One Big Thing, Kelsey chats about the fun of Easter, and Chris meanders down an intellectual path to nowhere.

episode 11. Rethinking paying off the mortgage

Whew, life is crazy lately and we are looking forward to getting through this week and into the holidays. We're also spending a bit more on Christmas than we had anticipated, womp womp. But in better news: Kelsey got a 4% raise!

An awesome listener question has us revisiting our goal to pay off the mortgage and drives home the benefit of being honest about your personal finances. This also launches us into a more philosophical conversation about what it means to lead a fulfilling life and how getting your finances in order can enable that kind of life. 

episode 8. How love is like the stock market

Happy November, friends! We are excited to share a new feature of the show. We invited interested listeners to submit some information along with money-related questions. We plan to occasionally feature listener profiles and share our advice for these listeners on the show. So if you're interested please use this form to submit your info. Thanks!

In this episode we discuss the very sad state of sleep in our household. But at least life hasn't been too busy lately and we have a super fun date night to look forward to: Book of Mormon with friends!

In money talk we give an update on our progress towards saving up to pay off our mortgage. We're at $17,300 and hope to make $20,000 by the end of the year. And just a reminder, we are investing that savings in a Vanguard total stock market index fund. The specific fund is VTSAX, which has a $10,000 minimum. A similar, alternative account with no minimum is VTSMX.

We answer a listener question about our process for deciding to have two working parents. Of course, this is not a financial decision alone and each family situation is unique. But here's a summary of what went into our decision: the fulfillment of our jobs was a big factor along with financial benefits in the short-term and long-term, and living near/being after to afford excellent childcare. Currently we pay about $2,000/month for childcare for two young children and Kelsey takes home $2,800. Because Chris has always earned more and been in a tenure-track or tenured university position we never considered a situation in which Chris would leave his job and stay home full-time. At face value that may seem like it does not make financial sense for Kelsey to be working but there are other financial benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance and a great retirement match (Kelsey and her employer both contribute 7% to her retirement account). 

And in one big thing, how love is like the stock market: when things are tough is the best time to invest.