episode 51. Happy (not-too-spendy) holidays!

This is our final episode of the year, so we celebrate the holidays by - how else? - talking about the financial implications of gift-giving! We also discuss our differing reasons for buying the gifts we do and we offer up some giving ideas that don't contribute to the build-up of stuff in people's lives.

Throughout the episode, we mention a few interesting sites and resources. One nice article from A Cup of Jo about creating a weekly ritual helped us think through how we could do the same. We also mentioned a great place to buy bikes for kids (Islabikes) as well as a couple of sites that could make great gifts for those interested in learning new skills and enhancing creativity (such as Storywonk and Creative Live).

Have a great holiday season everyone! We'll see you in 2018.

episode 30. Meta marriage

On this episode, we chat about our great trip to Texas, which included time with family and a wedding, at which Chris was the best man. The event as well as the speech Chris gave prompted us to dig a little deeper into what we've learned about each other and our relationship in 6+ years of marriage. And, of course, we share.

In a quick Our Money segment, we recap our now completed refi (#2 in the past 3 years!), and we share a great listener tip about credit card use among couples.

Finally, in One Big Thing, Chris discusses his 'breakthrough' healthy weight loss plan and Kelsey revels in great relationships.